Online appointments, Clinical records

HIstorias Clínicas al instante


- Makes it easier to get appointments
- Frees up resources: yours and your staff's time and phone lines.
- Save costs.
- Acts as Plan B if one day the phone goes off
- Reduces errors
- Increase the attendance rate for shifts through automatic reminders
- Allows you to view and control the agenda in real time from any computer


Organizes and manages the medical history of each patient. The information is protected, remaining unalterable to be consulted when necessary.

It is an easy and intuitive system, with fewer errors in preparing medical consultations. The information is uploaded in a standardized way, organized by patient.

It minimizes the time dedicated to registration, searching for consultations and complementary studies, giving greater value to the patient's needs.



You will be able to grant access to your patients to view their records.
You can define whether they can modify fields on your personal identification card.
Patients will be able to take appointments without having to call you by phone.

Doctor Any Place is safe, reliable, easy to use, affordable, accessible, modern and online. You will be able to access the information from anywhere in the world, in a secure and simple way. You'll save time and space in your office and be able to record and analyze information like never before.

Why use it, what advantages do I have?
You have access to the system from anywhere.
You do not need any special or latest generation computer.
You don't need to update operating systems every time they change.
Lowers installation costs in the office.

How to use it, what should I do?
You simply have to access the system
You will find the login page
To enter you must be a registered user of the system
Or you can log in with the user DEMO key DEMO to try it out
If you want to register you must press the "Register as a new user" button
You must complete a registration form in which you will define your username, password, email and some other personal information.
When you click "Register" in your registration, the system will send an email to your email box to verify it, check it, the email contains a link that you must click.
This link will take you to a page validating the data previously entered.
If everything is correct, you can now enter and use the system
On every page, below the menu and page header, you will find a "Help" link with help specific to the current page
At the bottom of all pages you will find a "Help" link to the general index of the page.
We recommend reading it to learn more about the steps to add your Clinic, Users, Schedules and Patients.
You can also review the User Agreement and Privacy Policy


Where is my data?
Your data is on our servers, in any case we provide you with a backup method so that you can always have your data and be able to see it, for example, in the popular spreadsheets.

What happens if I need changes, things that the system doesn't have?
Just ask us and we will see how to add it as quickly as possible.

Enjoy it!

Clínics 1 3 10
Users 3 30 100
Patients 30 3000 no limit
Images per Patient 10 100 1000
Images max size 1Mb 10Mb 100Mb
Billing not included included included
Publicity with publicity no publicity   no publicity
FREE u$99/month u$590/month
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